finca para eventos en madrid A natural place for your social event
event venue in Madrid

An exclusive and unique celebration

Event venue in Madrid

More than seventy years in the highest level catering industry allows us to create an ideal atmosphere for all sorts of celebrations based on gastronomy and good taste. Obtain an excellent result at your social or business event celebration in the exclusive pavilions and halls of Finca La Alqueria in Madrid.

Finca la Alquería is located 10 kilometres from the Royal Palace of Madrid, featured on 7 acres of charming gardens, a luxurious grove, a beautiful stream and large pavillions and banquet halls where celebrate any sort of event.

Built as a recreational property in 1890, nowadays Finca la Alqueria have at its disposal pavilions and prepared areas to hold diverse events, social and business, from a small family meeting to a wedding or a convention with over 1.500 guests in a single space.
The Finca la Alquería group have been providing with its services in high level catering for more than 70 years.