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Spaces and outdoors gardens for events

In Finca la Alqueria we place at our customers’ disposal spaces and outdoor gardens with an unique charm.

In Finca la Alqueria we have at our disposal, not only spectacular pavilions and halls adapted to the celebration of banquets and family or business events of all kind, but also we have excellent spaces and outdoors gardens in which enjoy the nature and the charm that surround our estate in Madrid.


Enjoy celebrating your event or wedding outdoors

Celebrating a wedding or event outdoors has several advantages, such as holding a first cocktail in the gardens to talk calmly with all the guests before starting the banquet itself. This way of starting the celebration has been very positively valued by our clients.

The elegance and natural beauty of our gardens create a unique and special frame for the celebration of a wedding or other event. In addition, the photographs of the event itself will enjoy the colorful and exclusive touch that the beauty of the Finca la Alquería environment provides.

You can condition the space to your liking and decorate with small details that make the event as you had in mind before the celebration. From our farm in Madrid, we adapt to your needs so that you feel comfortable and at ease on the day of your celebration.

The little ones, in case you have any minor guests, will also appreciate the outdoor celebration, not only for their enjoyment but for their own.

Using gardens for events can be positive, both for creating a small approach before the event in question and for providing a space conditioned for all audiences.

Outdoor weddings provide a special, cozy, and dreamy appearance. They tend to give a sophisticated and elegant air. For the experience that our clients give us, garden weddings are usually the most sought-after option for the beauty they transmit. They create a special atmosphere for a unique day.


The best outdoor spaces for your wedding

We are proud to say that we have welcomed many couples on one of the most special days of their lives. We always try to adapt to what the couple needs so that everything is to their liking.

That is why, in good weather, we recommend holding your event outdoors. Celebrating your wedding in outdoor gardens can give it a more magical and unforgettable touch for such an important day. Surrounded by your loved ones in an atmosphere of nature and a natural environment can make your wedding completely special and romantic.

At Finca La Alquería, we have a charming chapel where you can celebrate your religious ceremony, a charming area of our facilities where you will feel welcomed by your loved ones at the moment of saying “I do”.

On the other hand, if your idea is a civil wedding, we also make it easy for you. We have landscaped areas where your civil ceremony will be unique. The combination of the decoration you choose with the nature of our gardens will give an exceptional touch to your day and you can also include the theme and style you like the most.

And then, what better than enjoying a cocktail in the gardens of our farm, with all the decoration and details prepared with care for you and yours. Our gardens are conditioned to prepare this type of ceremony and your party in our outdoors.

The gardens, a beautiful stream, and the care of each of the spaces of our Finca la Alquería for weddings, make the environment itself a natural decorative element that only needs small details added to be filled with romance and magic.

Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a visit to our facilities in Madrid.

Do not hesitate in contacting us and arrange a visit to our facilities in Madrid.

Organize your outdoor civil ceremony

Do you have a clear idea of ​​what you want for a civil ceremony at your wedding? At Finca La Alquería, we help you organize your outdoor civil ceremony. Whether you choose a simpler ceremony or something more elaborate, our gardens have ideal areas for everything.

Usually, the formalization of the marriage is usually carried out days before in court, before a notary or at the town hall, attended by the couple and witnesses. And subsequently, carry out a ceremony without legal validity on the day of the celebration with the rest of friends and family.

In some cases, it is also possible to have a notary, councilor or legally valid person who travels to your celebration to do everything at the same time of the event.

One of the most widespread ideas in recent years and that gives a very special and fun touch, is to have a relative, family member or friend officiate the ceremony. It is important to notify the people you want to participate in or officiate the ceremony in advance, so that they can prepare the script and their speech as appropriate for such an important moment.

We provide you with the space in our gardens so that you can carry out the outdoor civil ceremony you want. We have charming areas where you can celebrate your outdoor civil marriage.

All of this makes us one of the best farms for weddings in Madrid. Schedule an appointment with us and get to know our gardens to plan your wedding with us.